The Trio Mousai is formed by three musicians: Sara Peral, piano, José Ferrer, flute, Javier Berná, clarinet.The group has its genesis at the Conservatory of Torrelavega, where, since the course 2017/18, its members are partners. This year They makes his debut on May 27 at Círculo de Recreo de Torrelavega, closing the "X Ciclo de Conciertos" organized every year by the Conservatory.

The concerns, on the one hand, of these instrumentalists for interpreting a repertoire as attractive as that corresponding to the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, along with on the other hand, to commemorate the centenary of the death of one of the composers most important and emblematic of the history of music, such as Claude Debussy, have been the impulse that has allowed the birth of this project. These purposes, together with the desire to complement and extend their didactic work towards the students of the Conservatory and music lovers from the region, have served as inspiration and guide in the journey of this singular but interesting artistic proposal.

The name Mousai comes from the Greek Muses, in Greek mythology they were the inspiring divinities of music and art, we chose this name due to the characteristics of the program that we offered in our debut, since it was very inspired by Greek mythology.

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Sara Peral Hernández, piano.

Born in Santander, she was introduced to piano by her grandmother, Maria Luz Polanco, at the age of five years old. Having finished her Middle Music Studies at the Santander Conservatory, she continued in the Asturias High Conservatory, studying with Francisco Jaime Pantín. She finished with the best marks, being the best student in her promotion.

She has been studying with Maestros as Josep Colón, Claudio Martínez- Mehner, Alexander Kandelaki, Miguel Ituarte, Teresa Pérez or Tsiala Kvernadze, among others. Winner in diferents prixes, she has performed at different Spanish cities as a soloist and as a chamber music member. She has played at the Santander International Festival with José Antonio Montaño conductor in a chamber orchestra; in the Young Performers Cycle at Marcelino Botín Foundation; the XVIth Felipe Prince Foundation Music Week during the “Premios Príncipe de Asturias”; or her performance as a soloist of the CONSMUPA orchestra.

Piano teacher and Pianist accompanist at the Torrelavega Conservatory from 2010. She is interested on teaching as well as on artistic projects and research field. She is Master in Music Research and Music Interpretation at Valencia International University (VIU) and she has recently participated in “Hands on Piano” international Research in Aveiro with a paper, interpretively She forms the Mousai Trio. All the three fields that she focused on can be seen in the thematic of the publications she has written, having published some articles about pianistic interpretation, musical memory and piano practice strategies.

José Ferrer Enguídanos, flauta.

Born in Valencia, he studied at the Conservatorio Profesional y Superior de Música de Valencia with the professors Ángel Marzal and María Dolores Tomás. Subsequently, he studied at the academy of neo-percussion (Madrid) with Juana Guillem and private classes in The Hague (Holland) with Vicent Morelló.
He has completed advanced courses with Andrés Carreres, Juana Guillem, Antonio Arias Gago del Molino, Salvador Espasa, Ramón Cabero, Benoit Fromanger and Javier Castiblanque.

He has been part of the Orchestra of the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community, the Orchestra of the Professional Music Conservatory of Carlet and the Professional Conservatory of Music of Valencia.

He has been a member of the European and Mediterranean Symphony Orchestra, the Santa Cecilia Orchestra of Valencia, the Symphony Orchestra of Burgos, the Municipal Band of Castellón and the Municipal Band of Burgos with which he premiered the work "Illuscum" for flute and band of D. Díez.
 In 2005 he entered by opposition in the corps of non-commissioned officers of the common bodies of the Ministry of Defense, developing this work in the Banda de la Dimz in Burgos and later in the Banda de I. Marina in Madrid.

He has been a flute teacher at the music school of Poblados Marítimos (Valencia), Santa Cecilia del Grao (Valencia), Chilches (Castellón), in the Intermunicipal Association of Alto Palancia (Castellón), at the Briviesca music school (Burgos ), in the municipal school of Griñón (Madrid) and in the Municipal Conservatory "Antonio de Cabezón" in Burgos.
 In 2008 he entered by opposition in the Body of Teachers of Music and Performing Arts, his first destination is the Conservatory of Music of Torrelavega (Cantabria).

Currently he is the head of the department of wind and percussion, a job he combines as a professor of flute and chamber music at this center.
He develops an important chamber music throughout the region, participating every year in the Concert Cycle of the Conservatory of Torrelavega, the Abanillas Music Festival or the Christmas Concert of the Real Sociedad de Tenis de la Magdalena.

He has collaborated in the concert and subsequent recording of the cd "Chamber music of Cantabrian composers" for the Botín Foundation. 
Recently, August 2018 is invited to participate in the jubilee on the figure of the composer Benedikt Dolf in the canton Graubünden (Switzerland), in which pieces of the composer with piano accompaniment are performed.

He is a member of the Mousai Trio too. Master in Musical Research from Valencia International University, with work on the improvement of processes at the aerial level superior to playing the flute, he is invited to present this proposal at the Convention on Artistic Research organized by the University of Aveiro (Portugal) in July 2018.
He has been an assistant professor in the wind-wood section of the UIMP Youth Symphony Orchestra "Ataúlfo Argenta" of Santander and participated in the meetings held in Potes in 2017 and 2018, being responsible for the section of wind-wood, wind-metal and percussion of the orchestra.